SQUALP for readers bar codes

The 8 July 2014

ISOAR presents you a new module of management and identification of stocks by bar codes, including the following application softwares:
- Control and recording of the receptions
- Flow management and followed by production (O.F, list to be served, checking and management of time, quality control)
- Preparation of orders
- Management of the labeling products, parcel and homogeneous or heterogeneous pallets
- Recording and traceability of lots
- Inventory management and inventories


SQUALP - Tool of maintenance

The 25 June 2014

ISOAR presents you a new Web tool of maintenance, allowing:
- To the users SQUALP to record the declarations of computing bugs detected on the ERP SQUALP, or to express their needs for functional evolutions, and their other diverse requests.
- To the administrators of project and computing maintenance concerned, to update the progress of their resolution, or realization, up to their closure.
Every speaker who can so inquire at any time and follow, via the Web server, the progress of the treatment of every problem or demand.

image_actualite - New website

The 12 June 2014

After several months of development, the company ISOAR has the pleasure to present you the first version of the new website of the company.
Many updates will be added to add a better user experience.